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Small modern house design on box house model

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Small modern house design on box house model

Are you looking for a variety home which is differ from others? Then here is it. Explore our small modern house design on box type model. The total area is 784 sq ft (72.83 Square Meter)  (87.11 Square Yard). It is a low budget e single floor home with flat roof style in architecture. The estimated construction cost is Rs. 13 lakh. This is a fantastic design ,with some special features.

You will never dislike this. This sleeping space will provide better option to your family. Box types home not that much familiar in Kerala , so that if you construct this one then definitely this will be an eye catching one. Design provided by Digi Marks Architectural Designing Studio.

Small modern house design with outstanding flat style structure

This is a modern flat style structure, sit out has designed elegantly. Open style vast space sit out  supported with two thick pillars are designed here. These pillars, third portion are decorated with caddies. Beautiful  3 chairs are placed here. Windows and doors are simple to modern design, windows  made by aluminum. Sunroofs like flat . Right wall of the front area is designed very well. 

Dark color tiles are paved on it ,  here we feel like box style projection wall.  Galvanized pipe railings are used on the terrace instead of parapets. Some cuttings and projections walls are used here for getting more attraction to this design. And also stair room is the another attraction of this design.

color pattern tiles are pasted on the stair room like the front side wall and two box style cutting wall designed on it. Beautiful interior plants with pots are placed in it. So we get a variety look to this design differ from the other design.

The color combination of paint is also superb. Totally white and black color combination gives more classy look to this  small modern house design. 

Design ID Ground Floor                                first floor  
DHZ1521 Sit out  
Bedroom 2 Bedroom 2 attached            stair room  
2                                           open terrace        
784 sq ft Dining  
Land area work area  
4 cent store

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