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Small flat roof house on low cost and 2 bedroom

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Small flat roof house on low cost and 2 bedroom

A  small flat roof house design architecture with an estimated construction cost of Rs. 13 lakhs. It is a simple design house in  budget friendly . This  small flat roof house is very suitable to single family. The total area of this house is 783 Square feet (72.74 Square Meter) (87 Square Yard).

This Design is provided by D-Arc builders and designers. A cute single storey house in modern style is you are looking for? Check out our collections in homezonline.in .. We have the best collections of houses as in your dream.

Small flat roof house with modern style in affordable price

This beautiful home have a color combination of white and light ash.. which is an elegant color. The exterior of this home is some what excellent. This have beautiful exterior with flat roof for the ground floor and a slope roof is gave to the stair room. 3 panel windows are gave to this home which is in maroon color.

Stair room is the another highlight of this home, which is differ from the other houses..  The stair room of this home have small ventilator like windows at its front wall. In addition to that some pergolas are also gave. This will act as a sunshade for this windows.

A big open terrace with simple parapet along with railing is gave to the terrace in an elegant way. A long thick flat sunshade is gave to this home. Similarly, beautiful plinth coverage is given to these home. The design of this house is very simple one with 2 bedrooms.

Hence this is very budget friendly to your pocket. If you like this small house, or if you are interested to buy its floor plan, then kindly contact us.

Design ID Ground Floor                                first floor  
DHZ27421 Sit out  
Bedroom 2 Bedroom 2 attached               stair room  
2  Dining                                    open terrace  
   work area  
783 sq ft  Kitchen  
Land area    
5 cent store

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