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Simple home design on traditional style

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Simple home design on traditional style

Today we included a simple home design on Simple home design on traditional style. In modern world we can’t keep away the double story houses as simple house. But we tried the minimal exterior design.

Choose homezonline for more designs and plans and explore our website through. We have lots of ready made house plans and designs. Lets build an traditional style double storey  simple home design with ravishing exterior look in our own wish. We all have a phantasm to create a home with in small budget. Now we can watch a Graciousness home with all accommodation available. Although the out standing look gives the viewers more delectation.

Simple home design with  charupadi style balcony

Here we can see an open style sit out supported with pillars. And an open style porch that also supported with pillars. Third portion of pillars also covered with cladding tiles. Slope with gable roof designs are used at the front area. Roofing bronze also paved completely on it. Large sized windows are used here, doors and windows are made by wood. 

Moving to the first floor we can see a beautiful balcony supported with thick pillars and also pillars are covered with cladding tiles. more seating places are available here. Charupadi style seating places are designed. Near to the balcony we get an open terrace. Top roof is gable style and also similar roofing bronze are pasted on it. So we get an traditional look to this design. Small sized simple pergola designs are done on the parapets. Cutting works are done on the roofing edges. So we can feel extra thickness to the edges. 

color combination of paint also good. Court yard is deigned very well . Totally we get an simple double story like traditional home here.

Design ID Ground Floor                                first floor  
DHZ23221 Sit out                                             
Bedroom 1Bedroom 1 attached bath     2 bed with attached bath  
3  Porch                                         living  
Home area Living                                    Balcony  
2400sq ft


Land area work area  
6 cent Kitchen

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