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New style house with luxury amenities.

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New style house with luxury amenities.

Among all of us have a phantasm to build an modern contemporary style double floor new New style house with luxury amenities. Huge variety of double floor home design with amazing and decorative features available here for you in our hand. Hence, one among this now we are going to present in front of you all. So do you interested to watch it out. Let us have a journey through new style house with luxury amenities.

Similarly, first of all we can talk about its exterior. Exterior portion consist of steps, pillars, porch, cladding, drim edge etc. Sit out, living hall, dining hall, work area, kitchen, prayer room, common bathroom, 2 bedrooms with attached bath, stair case are given in ground floor. Now we can step towards first floor stair room, spacious foyer, 2 bedrooms with attached bath, balcony this all here provided.

Almost all commodious facilities availed in ground floor its self. Balcony situated at the side of first floor. Show walls also awarded here for getting more classy and minimalist look for this duplex home. Interlocked drive way directly leads to sit out, both the side an marvelous garden given. Cladding works applied on up side of sit out roof. Overall out standing view of this luxury home have its own beauty. Although, It is a night view design and all lighting are provided very cutely.

New style house with luxury amenities

Total area utilized here for the construction of this new style house is with in 2950 square feet. Land area completely required to build in 10 cent plot. Total budget used here for the construction is about 41-50 lakhs. Color combination is very cute with grey, white and black. Combining roof styles like flat roofs, sloping roofs and curved roofs. Porch is made up of curved roof. Shades pillars also given here.

Its all about the elegance.
Now we are going to disclose our topic. We will back shortly early as possible with another collections too. Do not hesitate this great opportunity. Fastly make sure your future plan home design. Watch it out and immediately contact us. Good bye, its signing of….

Design ID Ground Floor                                first floor  


Sit out  
Bedroom 2 Bedroom 2 attached                 2 bed with 2 attached bath  
4 Porch                                          living  
Home area Living                                          Balcony  
2950 sq ft Dining  
Land area work area  
10 cent Kitchen

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