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Modern contemporary house design in 2500 square feet

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Modern contemporary house design in 2500 square feet

A beautiful modern contemporary house design. Are you looking for a home in below 3000 sq ft. Then check out this home design. A very stylish home with attractive features .

The total area of this modern contemporary house design  home is 2500 sq ft (232 Square Meter) (ie, 278 Square Yards). This modern house have 4 bedrooms with very good amenities. This beautiful design is provided by Shefy max

Modern contemporary house design| Features of this very beautiful home

This beautiful contemporary home have a lot of projected show walls at its exterior. A small extrusion impressions are also given to the exterior walls of this home. Along with this a stunning color combination is choose for the exterior walls. Creamy amber and white color is used here along with greenery.

A lots of green plants are also planted in the open terrace. We can see that a stone cladding works t open terrace with a rectangular opening in both the sides of the box. In addition to that a vertical and horizontal pergola show walls are placed. This all are combines together for giving a variety look to the home.

A flat roof is using for almost portions of this home, but an inclined roof is also given to the half portion of the 1st floor. Garage of this home have a wall with pergolas. And a transparent glass plates are using in open terrace for the parapets.

A projected walls are the center of attraction of this home, hence the upper roof has a projection inwards just below the roof. Similarly, roofs are placed at different heights for getting much more attention to the home. If you like this house design then kindly contact us for its floor plan and for further details.

Design ID Ground Floor                                first floor  
DHZ2521 Sit out  
Bedroom 2 Bedroom 2 attached                 2 bed with 2 attached bath  
4 Porch                                          living  
  kitchen                                        balcony  
2500 sq ft Dining  
Land area work area  
8 cent store

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