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Modern 4 bedroom house with pitched roof design

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Modern 4 bedroom house with pitched roof design

A Modern 4 bedroom house with pitched roof design architecture in an area of 2100 sq ft . If you are looking for home in modern category then this one will be a great deal for you. This modern home can be construct in an estimated construction cost of Rs. 33 lakhs. This home have a great features with an eye catching exterior.

Features of this duplex house

This modern 4 bedroom house have an inclined roof, slope roof and flat roof. The color combination use here are light olive green and white. Corner windows are gave to this design. Beside of this wall some olive green walls are also built as in the form of show walls. Similarly a show wall is also gave to the sit out.

In addition to that, the walls of the sit out is risen up to the balcony roof. There fore this looks like a box area. The main highlight of this home is its car porch. A steep angle inclined roof is gave to the car porch and this gives an variety to this home. The car porch is separately built from the whole construction of this house. More over a wooden decor work is gave at the half gable roof region.

An open terrace is gave to this home in the first floor, Which has a parapet of same level as of the main slab. An inclined and slope roof is choose for the up stair of this home. The olive green coloured show wall gave a rich look to this home. HOMEZONLINE has the best collections in modern homes. Check out our other categories. If you are interested to buy this modern 4 bedroom house design and to get its floor plan, Then don’t hesitate to contact us

Design ID Ground Floor                                first floor  


Sit out  
Bedroom 2 Bedroom 2 attached                 2 bed with 2 attached bath  
4 Porch                                          living  
Home area Living                                          Balcony  
2100 sq ft Dining  
Land area work area  
7 cent Kitchen

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