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Kerala traditional house design in 2500 square feet

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Kerala traditional house design in 2500 square feet

This house is composing a new dimension for traditional style. This Kerala traditional house design made in 4 bedroom and the total area is 2500 square feet. This house seems like a laterite stone house in the outside view. It is the combination of modern and traditional styles. The estimated construction cost is 40 lakhs. Overall this is a beautiful traditional house with all facilities and included all of the traditional attributes. This is a very good  home for those who are looking for traditional house.

This is also box style flat roofing  Kerala traditional house design home design. We can see an attached open style porch and sit out. Porch is placed in front of sit out. supported with pillars.  little area are available in sit out. Box style deigns are done on the wall. Double panel door is also designed here.  All roofs and sun roofs are flat style. At the right side we can see extra sized windows and large grille style projected area. And many projection wall is designed here.

Kerala traditional house design with delectation exterior view

Here no needs to show wall and other walls , except these this design is more attractable and stunning outside view. We get an open style balcony similar to sit out. All features are like sit out. A small sized parapets are used here. At the right side also projection wall is also designed near to window. This beautiful eye catching Kerala traditional home design home is designed in 8 cent land plot.

I hope all of you like this beautiful duplex home. Now we can join with our other collection. If you like this Kerala traditional home design , Please contact us .do not hesitate to watch our collections.  Lets build an contemporary double storey home design with ravishing exterior look in our own wish. We all have a phantasm to create a home with in small budget. Now we can watch a Graciousness home with all accommodation available. Although the out standing look gives the viewers more delectation.

Design ID Ground Floor                                first floor  
DHZ22221 Sit out                                             
Bedroom 2 Bedroom 2 attached bath     2 bed with attached bath  
4 Porch                                     living  
Home area Living                                    Balcony  
2500 sq ft


Land area work area  
8 cent Kitchen

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