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Two storey house plan with 2 balconies

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Two storey house plan with 2 balconies

Awesome Two storey house plan with 2 balconies. This modern house have 5 bedrooms, total area is 3109 Square Feet (289 Square Meter) (345 Square Yards). It is a beautiful flat roof Indian home plan in night view, draw your dream home with our experienced designers.

This is a flat box style double storey home design. More projection and show wall is created here for getting more attraction to this home. Sit out and porch is placed middle of the home. On other designs  porch is always a corner side of home, but here at the middle of the house near to sit out.

Two storey house plan with awesome night view

More steps are used at the entering place and two thick show wall is also designed here. more windows are used in this design so getting more ventilation inside the home. Windows and doors are awesome design made by wood. Show walls is the attraction things to this two storey house plan.

Left side walls are, near to porch is design with two style cladding wall tiles and different styles pergola design is done on that wall. Sun roofs like flat styles.  At the first floor we get 2 balcony here. One is right side , above the sit out and other is left side. We can seating place in the left side balcony and supported with two thick pillars. But glass with wooden frame barricades are used in right side balcony.

All roofs like flat style and galvanized railing work are done on the top roof. Above the porch, wall is decorated very well pergola design are done here and cladding tiles are paved on it.  pergola design always help to keep more freshy inside the house and helps to entering more lights to inside the home. Right corner walls also done awesome decoration. More led lights works are done on the all show wall. So at the night time we get a fantastic view to the home.

Total land area provided for done these beautiful work is 10 cent and the construction cost is 51 – 60 lakh.

Design ID Ground Floor                                first floor  
DHZ16421 Sit out  
Bedroom 3 Bedroom 3 attached                 2 bed with 2 attached bath  
5 Porch                                          living  
Home area Living                                          Balcony  
3109 sq ft Dining  
Land area work area  
10 cent Kitchen


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