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Modern style roof with mind blowing exterior

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Modern style roof with mind blowing exterior

Have you ever looked for a duplex home in contemporary architecture. Here is a fantastic home with modern style roof with mind blowing exterior design. This house have spacious living, dining and 3 bedrooms are provided. This  modern style roof with mind blowing exterior home included all modern amenities and space allocated without wastage. The total area is  2307 Square Feet.

The first look provides an modern trend. The designer has put efforts to make it an elemental plan. No wonder in the choosing of paint and exterior. Exterior designs has a mixed combination of curved roofs and flat roofs. Box type structural works are used in the exterior portion to add beauty. Pergola designs have enabled the entry of sunlight into the interior portions.

Modern home plan on 2100 sq ft

Making all clear in the elevation, the view gives a foreign design with trendy updates. Inverted curve roofs were not common in early times, but it is used in this model which is a amble try. The other models used in this design is projection shapes and walls, cladding tiles, support rads. Pergola and splitting of walls. All of this models provides an ambient looks. Sit out is open area and small. Lead to living and dining. 4 bedrooms available in total in ground floor and top floor.

This plan is suitable for a medium family to live. the cost of construction is around medium budget. The price can be changed to high or low accordingly with customer choice of material selection. So makes the design falls category to high or medium range of plans. Duplex homes with ravishing styles are always mind touching and heart likes fallen. The true design always catch every people and they do built that design. So making the evergreen plan is a simple task for Dhomez team with our expertise team.

Design ID Ground Floor                                First floor  
DHZ15121 Sit out                                          Balcony  
Bedroom 2 Bedroom 2 attached bath            Living  
3 porch                                            1 bed  
Home area Living                                            1 attached bath  
2037 sq ft


Land area common bath  
4 cent Kitchen

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