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Beautiful flat roof home design

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Beautiful flat roof home design

Are you searching for a modern style, then browse our beautiful flat roof home design in 2100 square feet. It is a duplex house with 4 bedroom, living, hall, and kitchen. Double storey design are mostly what people search. Homezonline.in has a wide collection of duplex homes in modern and contemporary designs.

This plan is built with extra height Than Normal. The sunroofs are projected and pergola design is used where glass is placed over. The design is modern and trendy and mind blowing. One catches the design in the first look. Small thin pillars are used here. Cladding tiles pasted third quarter of the pillars. Galvanized pipes are used in the barricade to give design.

Beautiful flat roof  double storey home design in 2100 square feet

Three panel windows used for lighting and air passage. Sit out is big and vast enough and open area. The porch is in the center of the home attached to the sit out. Horizontal grooves design is used in the walls to give a modern touch. The pillar of the porch is made abstract design by giving two pillars and connecting them with galvanized pipes. It’s connection provides a modern view.

The same work is used in the balcony, but in different paint color. Galvanized pipes also used in the barricade of open terrace to add design. Total construction area of the plan is 2145 sq ft. The estimated cost of construction will be 35 lakhs.  Off white and coffee brown paints are used to paint the walls. This can be changed according to wishes.  The plan includes 4 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, living, sit out, dining, kitchen, work area, prayer room, common bathroom.

The design is simple and elegant in the elevation. This can be built easily with proper supervision. No doubt that this duplex home will be a astonishing home to live in. All can choose this if their requirements meet with this plan.

Design ID Ground Floor                                First floor  
DHZ20121 Sit out                                          Balcony  
Bedroom 2 Bedroom 2 attached bath            Living  
4 porch                                            2 bed  
Home area Living                                            2 attached bath  
2145 sq ft


Land area court yard  
8 cent



common bath

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