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Modern Stylish house design on double storey

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Modern Stylish house design on double storey

Explore our new modern stylish house design on double storey, it is a fantastic house design, those who looking for modern homes. The total area of this house is 1700 square feet. It is a modern sloping roof  house with two gable windows. Passing the veranda on the ground floor will leads to living room. A spacious dinning is in in front and direct access to kitchen. And also there work area and store.

Cutting slope designs are the main attraction in this home plan. The slope roof used in different size and shape gives a ambient looking. The Design is self attractive and beautiful. The white paint gives a ravishing view. The roofing tiles chosen is red color. More pillar like structure are seen here. Projection roofs over windows are used.

Modern Stylish house design on double storey in 1700 sq ft

Neat simple and block lines are designed over wall. Corner windows are used in first floor. Instead of gable roofs single side sloped roofs are designed. The view itself gives a mansion look. The block structure is amazing. This Modern Stylish house design on double storey can be built for 29 lakh . Amazing right??? The duplex plan with 4 bedroom is quite a useful and consumable design for all types of persons. Dhomez database gives access to all types of plans with all customers wish and dreams.

This stylish home design has a very well architecture that suites with modern minds. Trends are what get changed timely without limits. So making this changes and adapting to plans is a challenge to keep momentum in field. This type of researches and studies are conducted by Dhomez group to give a greater feel to our customers. Also this changes are built with utmost care and supervision to bring you a sweeter home ever seen. So making a home is never bit tough for anyone now. Trust us and go on. We are giving the best for you always.

Design ID Ground Floor                                  First floor  
DHZ23121 Sit out                                              Hall  

2 Bedroom 2 attached bath                 Balcony

4 porch                                                2 bedroom  
Home area Living                                                 1 attached  
1700 Sq Ft Dining


6 cent Kitchen

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