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Cozy modern home architecture night view

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Cozy modern home architecture night view

Are you looking for an cozy modern home architecture night view? Do you want more sleeping area? Then check out our latest cozy modern double storey home. A perfect one for the persons who looks for modern homes.

The main highlights of this cozy modern home architecture  is the location of sit out, face of sit out is right side of home also have a seating area on sit out . Porch attached to front side of the home, two pillars  are designed with gliding tile ,this makes extra style to home.

Gable area of porch is designed with white color horizontal siding in 2 cm thickness , each siding distance is 50 cm. And wall tile pasted on left side of the house near out side corner window of first floor , this also very good. Roofs are covered with grey color roof shingle it is very awesome.

Cozy modern home architecture with attractive exterior view

The color combination of house is white and grey color , total lighting of house is very attractive. Total area of this house is 1786 Square foot, 165 Square meter and 198 square yard. Ground floor area is 1065 sq ft , first floor is 721 Sq Ft.

This house plan have small cute living area , we entering into living area we can see seating area on both side. Dining hall  has done with essential facilities and a curve model stair case and a prayer room included on this plan

This house have 2 attached bedroom on ground floor , master bedroom area is 350*330. To  get good light there are two windows on master bed room , first window is in the left corner of house. It gives the house a nice look . Second bedroom area is 310*340 , this also have necessary facilities .

Going to the kitchen a good sink and chimney area here , total area is 300*310. It also has a work area

First floor details

In first floor we can see a beautiful well painted show wall and the balcony roof is covered with pergola. A railing parapet has done on top of the balcony. A vertical white siding has done on gable area of first floor as like ground floor. And besides balcony  this house have 2 bedroom attached and a hall on first floor . This house has open terrace on front and back side , This beautiful design provided by D-Arc Builders and Engineers.

Design ID Ground Floor                                first floor
DHZ10521 Sit out
Bedroom 2 Bedroom 2 attached                 2 bed with 2 attached bath
4 Porch                                          living
kitchen                                        balcony
1786 sq ft Dining
Land area work area
8 cent store
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