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Small double floor home design

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Have you ever looked for a small double floor home design in contemporary architecture. Here is a fantastic house with modern flat roof home style. This house have spacious living, dining and 3 bedrooms are provided. This house included all modern amenities and space allocated without wastage.. The total area is  1375 Square Feet (128 Square Meter) (153 Square yards) .The house plan covers many important areas needed to make you feel comfortable in your own home. The entrance of the house is a porch. A beautiful landscaped garden makes this home beauty into an another place. And some plants are placed here so it gives the more attraction .Contemporary roof designed are used to built this home. Flat type  v shaped and curved roof also used here.

Small double floor home design with mind blowing exterior 

At the ground floor porch are designed, for park one car near the front area. we can see the wooden parabola designs in the car porch to make the design more beautiful. The color pattern of paint gives more rich look of this built. windows are designed in the form of normal type, made by wooden materials. Entrance space is little bit small, but this space is extend to the outside land scape. So totally we looking the exterior, we get a modern outlook. Estimate amount of this ravishing home  is 25-30 lakh.

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