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Simple and elegant double storey home design

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Simple and elegant double storey home design

Are you looking for simple and elegant double storey home design??? then look here we bring you to a modern 3BHK double storey home with awesome exterior view. We construct this beautiful home in 1500 square feet area and required land area is 6 cent land plot. Estimated construction cost is 25 lakh.

This modern flat roof home like a box style design and   there is having 3 bedroom.  2 bedroom in the ground floor and other 1 in the first floor. All the room is having attached bathrooms. And it also included sit out , hall, dining, kitchen, common bath , upper living etc.. all the features like a modern double storey home. 

Simple and elegant double storey home design in 1500 sq ft

Vast space sit out are designed and we get more space for arranging seating places here. All roofs are flat style and railing pipe works are done on the roof edges. Windows and doors are awesome design, single panel window and double panel doors are arranged on sit out. That are made by wood.  We can see L shaped projection wall at the front are, near to window. And also two supporting pillars are designed at the right side. 

Railing pipes are used in between the parapets. There is no balcony , get an large space open terrace here. Look at the first floor we can see well decorated  wall. Box style projection wall , the half portion is designed with beautiful ceramic wall tiles like a show wall. And other portion is decorated with horizontal grooves design. And also we can see a single grille style window here. Double layered flat style roofing are used on the top.

We can even create a pretty garden for getting the attraction to the home. White ang beige color combination is superb , it gives a royal home view with all its freshness and beauty.  After watch this design , if you like this stylish double storey home, don’t hesitate for contact us. Check out  our vast collection home designs indifferent categories and contact us for fulfill your dream.

Design ID Ground Floor First floor
DHZ4121 Sit out upper living
Bedroom 2 Bedroom 1 bedroom
3 2 Attached bath 1 attached bath
Home area Living  
1500 Sq Ft Dining  
Land area work area  
6 cent


common toilet

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