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Contemporary single floor house with 3 bedroom

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Contemporary single floor house with 3 bedroom

Have a peek thereto an contemporary single floor house with 3 bedroom. Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a contemporary home and a modern home? There are some common features. While the terms modern and contemporary aren’t synonymous, they do have similarities. Both design styles share overlapping characteristics.

They share simplistic characteristics and avoid ornate and complex elements. Both involve a neutral color palette and open spaces. Both prefer clean spaces. You will find wood, metal, glass and natural elements with the designs. Are you ready to build an home of your dreams? now we can prefer a nice contemporary home with 3 bedroom in single floor elevation.

First of all we can talk about its exterior. Similarly, exterior division consist of pillar, steps, cladding, drim edge, pergolas etc. At first all out lookers notice mainly the exterior appearance of an contemporary home.it have an eye catching power.

A fabulous garden setted in front of this home. Now we can talk about its interior, as the same way first is sit out with lot of pergolas, dining hall work area, store room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms totally and 1 bedroom with attached toilet, common bathroom and stair case with stair room.

Best contemporary single floor house elevation

A spacious open terrace also provided for getting calm, quiet and enjoyment able atmosphere. Here we can really see the beauty of a nature.
The estimated area for the construction of this single floor home is 5 cent plot and the land area complete used for the estimation 1100 square feet.

Complete estimated construction cost with in 10 -20 lakhs. This is really a friendly budgeted home for all the people around the world. Color may vary according to your sanctification and desire. Here the color combination gives light green, white and brown. Flat roof is gave to this contemporary home.

Now i hope you all like this contemporary single floor house. You all got the idea about the contemporary and modern home common factors. Keep watching. Whether that be building or remodeling, we had love to help you. Contact us today and let us talk about all the possibilities.

Design ID Ground Floor                                first floor
DHZ21421 Sit out
Bedroom 2 Bedroom 2 attached                 1 bed with 1 attached bath
Porch                                          living
Home area Living                                          Balcony
1100 sq ft Dining
Land area work area
5 cent Kitchen
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