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Classy double floor home design

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Are you looking for small home? then explore this Small double floor house on classy front elevation design. It is a best combination of modern design styles. This plan has 3 bedrooms with attached bathrooms. Total construction area is 1500 sq ft and construction cost is estimated to 28 Lakhs. This design has a combination of gable roof and flat roof. The front design has a box like structures. The porch has enough space to accommodate two big cars. The boundary of porch is made into splits so that light passage is done. porch has a show wall too with cladding stones.  Large windows and doors with full glass is given to the areas.

Classy double floor home design with beautiful outside view

First floor has a window that designed in symmetrical half boxes. Balcony is made to the front side and a pergola design given, which is covered with glass. This is a contemporary home built in with all types of designs used at most. This design is small and easy to built with simple supervision of engineers. Barricades with railing designs are given in the front side which is made a awesome view. So basically this home can accommodate a single family of 4 members. The color combination can be made variable according to taste of customer. Customization available with this plan.

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