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Elegant home design in double story

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Elegant home design in double story

Browse our elegant home design on excellent exterior. We all have a desire to construct an modern house design. Do you have Phantasm? The exterior and interior out look of an contemporary home design always should be splendid for the onlookers. Conveniences home design may be affained by the viewers. Now we can foot step towards the Elegance home design in double storey. The details may follows one by one. Total area required for the construction 2000 square feet.

Complete Land area appropriated for the construction that is with in 8 cent plot, although estimated construction cost is 31- 40 lakhs needed. The exterior area consist of porch, sit out, steps, pillars, pergolas, drim edge, garden etc.

Interior portion shows living area, dining hall, stair case, work area, kitchen, store room, 2 bedroom with attached bath in ground floor. In up stair stair room, living hall, 2 bedroom with attached bath, balcony etc. Mixed roofing shows amenity.

Only one slope, one arc shaped roof and mostly flat roofs are admitted. Pergolas mainly given in porch and up stair balcony side above arc shaped roof. This arc shaped roof totally varies this duplex home from other home design.

Elegant home design  with Eye catching super deluxe view

Architectures use small land marks. Porch side the sit out steps given. From sit out we can directly enters into our captivating living hall. At living area there is trans versed stair case. Side of the stair case there is an opening towards the dining room. Next towards the work area one edge of work area there is store room. Mostly wanted area of the house that is our kitchen with all facilities are attained.

A lot of shelf provided here with color mixture of blue and ivory. Color may combined for making this duplex or elegant house that is white and ash. Chimney gives for the kitchen. Do not negligent this gold opportunity and share this elegant home  design all around you may know. Please upload our collections and read out. Once again we remembering you to watch our collections too. Dial us…..

Design ID Ground Floor                                first floor  
DHZ30521 Sit out  
Bedroom 2 Bedroom 2 attached                 2 bed with 2 attached bath  
4 porch                                          living  
Built up Area kitchen                                        balcony  
2000 sq ft Dining  
Land area work area  
8 cent store

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