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Duplex home with outstanding exterior

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Duplex home with outstanding exterior

It is a Duplex home with outstanding exterior design in 1800 square feet area. It is a modern architecture design along with flat roofing. It is a box style home design with beautiful show walls.

Estimated construction cost of this Duplex home with outstanding exterior is 33 lakh. A brown and white color combination is using here, in order to get a maximum attention.  Similarly home will be  much more attractive with the usage of its roofing. .

A highlighting show wall with a beautiful decor work is gave in front of the house along with cladding work. Beautiful color pattern ceramic wall tiles are used here at the first and ground floor. Large box style cutting wall done along with here. And pergolas done at the roofing edge area also. Totally this wall is very stylish and attractive.

4 bhk flat roof home design

More decorative works are done at the different area of the exterior wall. Open style sit out is supported with a pillar.  Windows and doors are designed very well. Two panel windows ad doors are used in sit out. LED spot lights are used on the sunroofs.

Look at the first floor we can see a balcony same as the sit out, windows, doors and other decorative works are same as the sit out. Glass and railing pipes are used in between the parapets. Beautiful courtyard with four side boundary wall bring the elegant look to this design.

Required land area for this Duplex home with outstanding exterior is 7 cent plot. Totally this is a beautiful home design look like apartment style. This home included all modern facilities with spacious. sit out, living, dining, 2 bed with attached bath, kitchen, work area are included in ground floor. 2 bedroom with attached , upper living and balcony are included in first floor.

If any one wants to built this unique exterior designed home, contact us. And also keep touch with us to get variety home designs in different categories….

Design ID Ground Floor                              First floor
DHZ29322 Sit out                                     2 Bedroom 2 attached
Bedroom 2 Bedroom 2 attached                living
4 living                                         Balcony
Built up Area kitchen
1800 sq ft Dining
Land area work area
7 cent store
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