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Duplex home with different style roofing

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Duplex home with different style roofing

Today we come up with a new style home. It is a Duplex home with different style roofing. Four different style roofing are used in this design. Gable, slope, inclined and flat roofing are used here. It is double storey home design with stunning exterior view.

The total built up area is 2100 square feet area. Required land area for this Duplex home with different style roofing  is 8 cent plot. It included all modern facilities with spacious. It included porch, sit out, living, dining, 2 bed with attached bath, kitchen in ground floor. 2 bed with attached bath, living and balcony in first floor.

Open style vast spaced sit out is supported with a corner pillar. Half area of the pillar is painted with beautiful blue color paint. Porch is attached with the sit out along with inclined roofing. Roofing of the sit out is slope style. Roofing bronze are pasted on the slope roofing.

4BHK contemporary style home design

Windows and doors are designed very well, made by wood. Pergola designs are done roofing edge of the porch. All sunroofs are flat style. White and attractive blue color paint bring the awesome look to this home design.

Open style balcony is designed as the same pattern of the sit out along with flat roofing. Beside s of the balcony, at the left side we can see a projected show wall painted with blue color paint. At the top we can see a gable roofing and beautiful horizontal grooves design on the gable vent area.

Roofing bronze are completely pasted on the gable roofings. Three box style designs are done on the exterior wall of the first floor. The estimated construction cost of this Duplex home with different style roofing is 38 lakh.

Totally this is a outstanding home design on contemporary style. If any one interested on this design, contact us. And visit our website Homezonline.in  for getting wide variety collections of home designs…

Design ID Ground Floor                              First floor
DHZ1322 Sit out                                     2 Bedroom 2 attached
Bedroom 2 Bedroom 2 attached                living
4 living                                         Balcony
Built up Area kitchen
2100 sq ft Dining
Land area work area
8 cent store
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