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Contemporary home design with classy interior

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Contemporary home design with classy interior

Today we are presenting you a contemporary home design with classy interior and 5 bedrooms. On this residence two bedrooms situated in ground floor and three in first floor. And suitably paved outdoor landscape that adds the beauty of the art design, sprouted from the minds architect. This house has 4000 sq ft built area with the double story setup.

This Contemporary home design with classy interior located at Tiroor In Kerala and total cost is 1 crore. The exterior design includes the combination of paints and cladding stones, which exhibit the area of artwork in the wall itself Sit out is arranged with wood chairs in modern design. The peculiarity of this sit out is that it is in L shape and very spacious. Also the sit out is built in such a way that the full area of the yard is visible and is a scenery view.

Contemporary 5 bhk home design with classy interior

Also we can explore a small living area where royal chairs in wood arranged neatly around a centered tea table. Main living is arranged with a cushion sofa and tea table. The wall is separated with small wooding to place vases and decorations. This is an utility area which is an extension to the living area, this area has a wash basin and toilet attached. Most of the houses doesn’t have a space like this. This is mainly intended to the guests. The table placed in the dining area is in wood and has a glass top.

The fall ceiling of dining area is self exposed. The inner splits and led lighting are magnificent looking. Let’s look how the bedrooms are designed in the contemporary style. The bedrooms and kitchens are designed very beautifully . It is a high class contemporary home built in Kerala with 5 bedrooms, 2 living, mini living, and mini dining and nice yard with landscape.

I hope this is a exact match for those who look into built double story with spacious design. This comes under luxury design as the bedrooms and other living and dining areas are designed in fall ceiling, wall design and flooring. I hope you enjoyed the video. Feel free to comment in the box, your feedback and opinion about our videos.

Design ID Ground Floor                                First floor  
DHZ18121 Sit out                                           Balcony  
Bedroom 2 Bedroom 2 attached bath             Living  
5 porch                                             3 bed rooms  
Home area 2Living                                            3 attached baths  
4000sq ft


Land area common bath  
above 10 cent Kitchen



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