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Contemporary amazing home design

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Contemporary amazing home design

Do you all have passion to construct stylish home design with convenience facility? Explore the contemporary amazing home design with elegant exterior design. We will absolutely help you to build your dream home.

Most of the people desired to build a simple modern home with their available budget, but they are not able to build. Do not worry about it we will help you.

The over view of this contemporary amazing home design with double floor. Exterior portion Includes steps, pergolas, porch, show walls, , pillars etc. Most of the roofs are gable or slope roofing. Its give an out standing view. Land area utilize for constructing this duplex home with in 8 cent plot. Slope roofs and pillars varies this duplex home from other homes. Total area avail for the completion that is 2362 square feet.

Contemporary amazing home design with an elegant exterior design

Porch is attached to sit out , it is supported with three thick pillars. Half portion of pillars covered with color cladding tiles. Open style sit out and porch is designed here.  Little spaces are available in sit out. Excellent designs are used for designing windows and doors. That are made by wood. Slope with gable roof designs are done here. 

Look at the first floor we can see more stylish show wall pillars and cuttings here. Vast spaces are get in balcony. Balcony is designed by using pergolas and pillars. Four thick pillars are placed in front of balcony and some pergola design are done on the pillars. Fourth portion of pillars are designed with cladding tiles. And also we can see a show wall at the left corner side. Railing pipe works are done between the parapets. 

Roofings are done in step by step manner. Gable roofs are most commonly used. Arc shape roof also used at the top.  pergola designs are done on the wall  here. Sunroofs like slope style. At the front view we can see more windows. Only white color paints also used here. But the show walls and pillars tiles are black color. So we get an black and white view from out side. Totaly the exterior view of this contemporary home is awesome. 

Design ID Ground Floor                               First floor  
DHZ11321 Sit out                                             2 bed with attached bath  
Bedroom 3 Bedroom 3 attached bath               living  
5 porch                                              balcony  
Home area Living                                      
2362 Sq ft Dining  
Land area work area  
8 cent Kitchen

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