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Colonial style double storey home design

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Explore a colonial style double storey home design in an area of  2400 Square Feet. This house have 4 bedrooms two in ground floor and two first floor. The first look of this home gives a foreign view to anybody who watch. The designs are so simple and beautiful. The color combination also makes the home exterior more elegant. I can say the large glass windows used in between the walls give enough sunlight inside. Daytime we can save electricity. Now giving more detail about this home. As first I said, the foreign way of construction, the porch is built to the side of the home. Gable roofs are selected for making this home a classy look.

Colonial style double storey home design with stunning gable roof model

Simple designs used allover the roofing makes more beautiful. Enough spacing is provided in each area with all most all facilities of modern homes are included. 2 bath attached bedrooms available in ground floor and 2 bath attached bedrooms available in first floor. To make living in a home luxury one, one can choose the type of this. This is a duplex home with 2400 sq ft area. This is colonial type construction with no border walls in the boundary. Gardening in between spaces makes the appearance of exterior pleasant one. The large windows are the style of Western culture, enough to give sunlight inside. So sunroof  are built except the one to windows only. The total construction cost of this home is around 48 lakh, which may vary from locations and material availability.

Design ID Ground Floor First floor
DHZ221224 Sit out Balcony
Bedroom 2 Bedroom Upper living
4 2 Attached bath 2 Bedroom
Home area Living 2 attached bath
2400 Sq Ft Dining foyer
Land area Hall  
8 cent Kitchen

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