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Budget single floor home design

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Budget single floor home design

A beautiful  budget single floor home design in 710 Square Feet. A white and grey color combination is uses here for an attraction. This beautiful white color will be an eye catching one

Similarly this home have a flat roof and slop roof with a stair room in the top most portion. This one looks closely related to a box type design is one of the trendiest one and this single sotrey has a very cool and attractive exterior features. It includes sit out, living, dining, 2 bed with attached bath, prayer room, kitchen,  store. All this features home is built in 4 cent land area plot. 

Budget single floor home design| eye catching single floor home design

An open style vast space sit out is arranged here, supported with two thick pillars. Pillars are designed with horizontal grooves design and a grey colour paint. Single panel window is designed here. Windows and doors are supeb design made by wood. We can see some pergola designs on the roof edges and that covered with glass. Gable roof with roof vent is designed on the sit out. Right side of sit out we can see L shaped projection wall near to window. And a large  show wall see here. It designed with horizontal grooves with elegant grey colour paint. All sunroofs like flat style and totaly the structure of this design is box style. 

Vast space open terrace get here and a single horizontal pergola design done on the store room. That covered with glass. Flat roofing is used on the stair room. Beautiful courtyard is designed here. And the colour combination of paint is awesome. This home design is absolutely suited for a single family . If you like this beautiful budget single floor home contact us we will help you and check out our vast collections. 

Design ID Ground Floor                                  
DHZ4321 Sit out  
Bedroom 2 Bedroom 2 attached bath       
4 Porch                                     
Home area Living                                      
710 sq ft Dining  
Land area work area

prayer room

4 cent Kitchen

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