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Best double storey home exterior design

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Dream home is everyone’s wish. Many people search to find a appropriate home which fits in their family. Then browse this best double storey home exterior design planed with double floor. Duplex homes with ravishing styles always find a space among the styles. Contemporary styles using different types of shapes and structures are trending nowadays. Here we have a duplex home in 2000 Square feet (186 Square Meter) (222 Square Yard) awesome home design. It is a medium range sloped roof home architecture with a estimated construction cost of Rs. 39 lakhs. Providing land area for this design is 7 cent.

Best double storey home exterior design with luxury outdoor view

Sit out has open and vast spaces are available here. 4 Thick pillars are placed on the front area and the fourth portion is covered with caddies. A porch is designed on the right side of sit out.  Windows and doors are awesome design it gives the more attraction to this design. It made by using woods. All roofs are gable style and one dormer with window is placed on it. Color pattern slates are placed on it.  Step by step gable roof are used here. So it give more luxury look to this design.

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