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Aesthetic single floor home design in spacious 2 bedroom

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Aesthetic single floor home design in spacious 2 bedroom

Have a peek thereto an contemporary aesthetic single floor home with 2 bedroom. First of all we can talk about its exterior. Similarly, exterior division consist of pillar, steps, cladding, drim edge, pergolas etc.

At first all out lookers notice mainly the exterior appearance of an contemporary home, it have an eye catching power. A fabulous garden setted in front of this home. Now we can talk about its interior, as the same way first is sit out with lot of pergolas, dining hall work area, store room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms totally with attached toilet, common bathroom and stair case with stair room.

Have you think about a home under 1000 sq ft, a small family can fit in that can be built under 20 lakh and with almost exterior and interior designs added. If yes, then your thought is reached the right way here. Look at the 3 dimensional view of the posted plan.

It is simply awesome and awesome. None can claim this plan a ridiculous. The ways that touched the roofing and walls, added beauties to exterior. If you look for a single floor home, then your right choice is this one. Let’s go in details. This home contains 2 bedrooms with attached bathroom. Other features are sit out, dining, kitchen, work area and store room.

Best single family home layout

So it has every space for a single family Porch is included with a slope roof and some designs are added here. Window shades are modern design. I can say it’s split shade for sure. The color chosen for painting is also amazing. Parabolas are used to give enough lighting. Large windows are used in the sit out which also provides enough sunlight.

Interior as well as exterior designs are chosen with right thinking. Every single design is making this home a elegant one. This is more than a contemporary style home. The glass in the stair room wall gives more ambiance light to dining. Choosing this plan to live won’t be a wrong choice I say.

Design ID Ground Floor                                 
DHZ17621 Sit out  
Bedroom 2 Bedroom 2 attached                   
2 porch                                            
Built up Area kitchen                                         
1000 sq ft Dining  
Land area work area  
5 cent store

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