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5 bedroom modern home with two balconies

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5 bedroom modern home with two balconies 

Today we brings a 5 bedroom modern home  with two balconies and best features . The main features of this house is beautiful exterior , patio, modular kitchen, balcony and well landscaped. Also this house have 5 bedroom and two bedroom situated in ground floor , remaining 3 bedroom in first floor.

It is fabulous home design with amazing interior and exterior . Also we can see the luxury . If you looking for a luxury home , you can select this house. This contemporary style home is designed in 3507 sq ft and 10 cent land area required for built this 5 bedroom modern home with two balconies . Estimation construction cost is 51 – 60 . 

5 bedroom modern home with all features

Open style small sit out is arranged here supported with a thick pillars. And also some pergola designs done on the roof edges. Windows and door designs are awesome. At the left side we can see a projection wall with a simple gable style. And more cutting works are done on it. Roofs are the mixture of gable , slope , and flat style. Roofing tiles also pasted on it. At the right side we can see a stylish design with box projection wall. This is a mirror work. 

Moving to the first floor balcony is designed as similar to sit out.  Supported with thick pillar and provided seating places with railing pipe barricades.  Roof of the balcony is arc style.  Near to the balcony , at the left side we can see some pergola designs covered with glasses. And also the right we can see a box style projection window. Get an open terrace at the top and railing pipe works done in between the parapets.  At the right side we can see an open area like balcony with pergolas. 

Color combination of paint also superb.  court yard is also superb and calm atmosphere. Totally we get an beautiful 5 bedroom modern home . These type modern home designs are available in our web page. Check out it and contact us , if you needed it. 

Design ID Ground Floor                                first floor  
DHZ5321 Sit out  
Bedroom 2 Bedroom 2 attached bath     3 bed with 3 attached bath  
5 Porch                                     living  
Home area Living                                    Balcony  
3507sq ft Dining  
Land area work area

common bath

10 cent Kitchen

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