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3200 sq ft sloping Roof home design

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3200 sq ft sloping Roof home design

Browse our beautiful 3200 sq ft sloping roof home design  home on modern sloping roof design. It is a pleasing house design with excellent exterior . If you looking for a modern design you can prefer this home. The gable roof style is bringing extra attraction to the home.

This plan can be considerably high for construction, so thus it can be included in the high budget plan. Every little details is so important while making a plan of home. Basically first we need to check for the compatibility with climate of area. If climate is variable during a calendar year, the measures to overcome this should be taken.

Beautiful Kerala style home on modern sloping roof design

The total area of this home is 3200 square feet and total estimated construction cost is 60 lakh. Porch is the main attraction of this design. It placed in front of the home supported with extra thick pillars. More cutting works are done on it . Gable roof are used on the porch.  elegant white colour paint gives more stunning look. Near to the porch we can also see a beautifully decorated wall. Two extra thickness pillars also designed in front of it. And a  box style projection wall is designed around the windows. Here we get some space for planting. 

Open style sit out is arranged here. Small spaces are available here also. Windows and doors are awesome  made by wood. Supporting sticks are used near the windows. White and golden yellowish color gives more elegant look to this design.  Extra thickness pillars are designed each corner of the home. All pillars are designed with more cutting works. 

Are you looking beautiful modern home design in Kerala style , this design is absolutely correct design . If you like this 3200 sq ft sloping roof home design  please contact us. And also check out our web page for getting more ideas about your dream project. 

Design ID Ground Floor                                first floor  
DHZ4321 Sit out  
Bedroom 2 Bedroom 2 attached bath     2 bed with 2 attached bath  
4 Porch                                     living  
Home area Living                                    Balcony  
3200sq ft Dining  
Land area work area

common bath

10 cent Kitchen

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