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3 bedroom duplex house plan on glamorous outdoor view

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3 bedroom duplex house plan on glamorous outdoor view

Here is another modern 3 bedroom duplex house plan that we are presenting for you, so please watch this marvelous design. This is a budget friendly home design on a glamorous exterior design. Here we can see the home with gable roofing.

The total square feet of the house is 1700 and the square feet of ground floor is 1100, and first floor is 600. Cost of construction is 31 lakh, which is always a big budget. The total land area required for this cute home plan is 6 cent.

One look and sideways! We see some thick blocks of wall or pillars everywhere in this home. Three gables windows are used on the roof, with glass given. Light is entered through this portion vastly and make the visibility high.

Modern 3 bedroom home design on great looking exterior

Large windows or 3 and 4 panels used in the walls to give lighting in more area. Wall splits given in the first floor and some texture works are used in the block just right to it. This is one type of show wall in the modern design. Simple type porch is used here.

No design other than pillars is seen. We see a small sit out here, which leads to living. This home has 2 bedrooms in the ground floor and one in the first floor. Basically this is a small duplex considering the sq ft area. Design works are mostly based on foreign countries and it is a type of colonial home.

To the right we see a pillar projection along with the wall which form the sunroof too. So thus the function of the things are achieved and there by a marvelous design is formed.

A small balcony is made to the front area of home. Open terrace is made to right of it. Railings and gardening is given here for making the look gorgeous.

Design ID Ground Floor                               first floor
DHZ2421 Sit out
Bedroom 2 Bedroom 2 attached                 1 bed with attached
3 living                                              Balcony
Built up Area kitchen
1700 sq ft Dining
Land area work area
7 cent store
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