Anna University has the tradition to find talent in students with their moderated syllabus and exams. We could not be away from touching or connecting with a person who have not studied in Anna University. Here, we introduce you the very useful and essential application for students and parents of Anna University to check their results easily. Students are eager to know the stats of their result while parents are often end up to track the result of their kids. So now you can check it easily yourself without any hassle. Anna university exam results 2017 will be a ruling one for mainly final year students and their parents. You can check this application here with following g download links.
It is completely free of cost and very useful, so we recommend sharing it with your friends too. The Android app features very fast loading even the Anna University severs are busy. You can save result as PDF file, no need to take screenshot of long pages. You will get access to more Anna University pages links and exam results pages through this app, even you can get your internal marks. This Android application has updating frequently with adequate changes which included syllabus tab now.
Download: Anna University Exam Results 2017
Let us give applause for the brave developer behind this application,
Mannar Mannan V
3/249, Mullakkadu Street,
J P Nellai Pattanam,
Ramayanpatti Post,
Congrats the Developer