How to Get Rid Off Android Malware,The Joker Virus.

Android malware Joker virus poses a large threat to android users.Already many apps in the Play store contains this malware.Google searched and removed these apps from the store.Go on reading and delete if you use these apps immediately.

20 Apps contains Android Malware,Joker Virus!


  • 37 Countries affected including India
  • Secretly sign paid subscriptions
  • Steal sms,contacts and IMEI.
The list of joker virus infected apps are below:-
  • Age face
  • Antivirus Security-Security Scan
  • Advocate Wallpaper
  • Beach camera
  • Board picture editing
  • Certain wallpaper
  • Climate SMS
  • Cute Camera
  • Dazzle wallpaper
  • Great VPN
  • Humour Camera
  • Ignite Clean
  • Leaf Face Scanner
  • Mini Camera
  • Rapid Face Scanner
  • Display camera
  • Print Plant scan
  • Reward Clean
  • Ruddy SMS
  • Sobby Camera

Kindly search in your apps and delete this to avoid malicious threat.Kindly do a factory reset if you happen to install any of these apps.

Other countries affected are:-

  • Cyprus,Australia,Austria,Belgium,Brazil,China,Egypt,France,Germany,Ghana,Greece,Honduras,
  • Indonesia,Ireland,Italy,Kuwait,Malaysia,Myanmar,Netherlands,Norway,Poland,Portugal,Qatar,
  • Argentina,Serbia,Singapore,Slovenia,Spain,Sweden,Thailand,Turkey,Ukraine,U A E,UK ,US and Ireland.

Google found the attack recently and as an action they removed from the store.Users must aware of app installation from Play store.

However the google has removed the infected apps from play store,Users must regularly check their phone data for safety.Joker virus can steal all personal as well as bank account details like debit card and credit card. Don’t go for installation of every apps unless checking for safety.Antivirus like kaspersky,avast ,norton etc with paid license should be used to find out any infections present in the app.

And also set virus scan for once in a week.It must not be a quick scan.Always set for deep scan.I suggest run deep scan once in a week so that any infection can be detected earlier.If set for once in a month ,it may be easier for the app to steal and share your details.So don’t take risk .Live happier,Stay safe.

Here is the Kaspersky App link to download for android.