How to install whatsapp in computer


WhatsApp is one of the world’s best and most downloaded instant messenger among mobile applications. Its sure that we’d felt it once or twice if it would comes to desktop in such a simple way as we use in phones

Yes, we can switch this awesome and useful application to our desktop messenger with simple steps of this tutorials of installation. You can use it hand free and very reliable when you are working with desktop or personal computer. Its super simple as the use of whatsApp in the mobile phone. Thumps up if you like this videos and support us to find more interesting videos in this channel.

Video Tutorial

Step by step installation

  1. log on to on your browser
  2. download bluestacks software and install
  3. after installation open the bluestacks
  4. now you will get an android platform
  5. click on search button type whatsapp
  6. install the whatsapp as mobile installation
  7. you can install any android app on this platform

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