how to format damaged memory cards


How to format damaged memory cards

Today we presenting how to format damaged memory cards .Since we stepped into handle more data storage than our phones inbuilt storage ,memory card is a essential thing in our gadgets which it may use to store music,  movies and official and confidential or personal data.

But sometimes we face on issues with memory card or sticks neither open our data nor store data even enough space over there. So we forced to format it thoroughly. Here is the best tutorial for to get to know how to format memory cards safely and and how to make it easy.Thumps up if you like this tutorial and support.

Format damaged memory cards Method 1

  1. Connect the memory card to the computer
  2. Take the command prompt (press windows key +R and type cmd in search bar)
  3. type the command diskpart and enter
  4. type the command list disk
  5. type the command select disk1 and enter (find out the correct disk no. of your memory card)
  6. type the clean and enter
  7. type the create partition primary and enter
  8. type the active and enter
  9. type select partition 1 and enter
  10. type format fs= fat32 (this may take some minutes)  and enjoy……….

Video Tutorial

Format damaged memory cards Method 2

You type this command chkdsk m:/r in command prompt .

(the letter m is your removable storage drive letter this may be vary according to your partition )

after this process chkdisk will find the errors and ask for next step , then give proper answer

Format damaged memory cards Method 3 Registry editor

 Method 3 

1. Click Start > type “regedit” and open “Registry Editor”.

2. Now follow the below path after opening registry editor :-


3. Now you will see “Write Protection” option. Double click on that and set the value data to ‘0’.

After setting the value data to ‘0’ again try copying or formatting your sd card. After performing the above step you are still not able to format your sd card then continue to next step.

Method 4 

  1. Open Command Prompt and type diskpart and press Enter key.
  2. After opening diskpart type “list disk” and again press Enter button.
  3. Now type “select disk 1” to select your sd card and press Enter key again.
  4. To remove write protection from sd card type “attributes disk clear readonly” and hit Enter.
  5. Now you are almost done with this process. Simply type “exit” and press enter key once more to exit the menu.
  6. Right click on your Sd card and click on Format option to format your card. 

Method  5

  1. Right click on this PC or my computer
  2. select  manage 
  3. select storagedisk management
  4. select your removable storage right click on  select format

We not promise 100%  of working, this is an fifty fifty option, you just do above steps. If your memory card is fully damaged there is no other way .


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