How to create a new partition without format


Disk defragmentation is the process we often do with windows desktops. But it has some limits that we can’t do it without losing data when a disk occupied with data

It’s a complex process as well it may lose our running Operating System files if we are not much aware about it. Here is a super simple video which can make your complexity into super simple with in minutes. you don’t want to use any other third party services to done this away. Thumps up if you like this video and keep support us.

Video Tutorial

Step by step configuration

  • 1. take computer  from desktop or start menu – right click – select manage
  • 2. now you can show the computer management window
  • 3. select storage – disk management
  • 4. now list your partitions
  • 5. select more space available drive from below  and right click
  • 6. select the shrink option  – now you can see the total space and available free space on this window
  • 7. enter the required space for new partition on the space to shrink in MB tab
  • 8. click on shrink after a new partition will appear on your partition list and format the new drive

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